The SEAT Ateca and the Clinic of product: when the customer is the one who creates the car

Says SEAT that the customer is always right. At the time of designing a car also. I love to remember that episode of The Simpsons in which Homer receives a commission very particular, the design of a car according to their tastes and needs, which in theory are the same as the average citizen of the united States. In this paper that this series has been interpreted as a faithful reflection of the reality, we find that the vision of the perfect car Homer ends up being a real Frankenstein, a terrible fiasco. Returning to the reality of the car industry, yes we have to take into account that the client plays a fundamental role in the development of a car. And the best example we have in the development process of the SEAT Ateca, the new SUV of the brand in Martorell, and the Clinic of SEAT Ateca that were performed before its release. See the range and prices of the SEAT Ateca.

what is a Clinic of Product as well as of the SEAT Ateca?

Before a product reaches the dealers, or even are present in public, the brand brings together a team of potential customers to analyze your car. In the case of the SEAT Ateca, the Spanish brand mentioned most often working with the evaluation of between 300 and 500 potential customers in different markets. The objective is to have a vision of their impressions, of how their needs would be covered by the product, an external view of ordinary citizens, without any connection with the business which occupies us, that of the automobile industry.

The Clinic are very important, both serve to identify design errors, or aspects that could be improved, in a time in which there is still margin to solve any problem and modify some elements.

Obviously, this practice is not limited to a SEAT, nor to the automotive industry. Some time ago Nissan told us that in the process of development of the new Nissan Qashqai, very close to its launch, had come to the conclusion that his car needed a few integrated, more comprehensive, to meet the needs of their customers in Japan, and that they serve to hold a few containers of tea that had become fashionable in the Country of the Rising Sun.

According to SEAT, the launch of a product is preceded by three Clinics in the three years prior to its release. The first focuses on mature the idea and the feasibility of the project. The second is more focused on the product. And the third is responsible for the maturation of their commercial position. These customers have access to a car of “homemade”, almost final, much before it gets to the dealers, and even you speak of him in this medium.

The marketing manager of SEAT was recognized that in these Clinic has come to modify products, although it is not mentioned which, in those who for example have come to the conclusion that the driving position should be in a higher position. In an extreme case, the Clinic may even paralyze the marketing of a model. But you will be with me in a product such as the SEAT Ateca, whose main problem is that SEAT have not released before to meet the needs of the growing audience, opting for a SUV, that would never have been a problem.

Source: SEAT