The SEAT Ateca has already sold in Spain for more than 700 units, would you buy a car blind without having seen it live?

notes. The SEAT Ateca is about to land in dealers. As we had SEAT, the first units, which will be presented in dealerships Spanish, have already begun to arrive to Spain. As we met last week, in his presentation (see test SEAT Ateca), the first deliveries will begin within the next few days. And meanwhile, even before the first SEAT Ateca had begun to be exposed to the dealer, the Spanish brand has sold more than 700 units, reserved, in many cases without the customer has had even the opportunity to watch it live, and still less of proving it. Would you buy a car blind without having tried it, without having seen him live?

it Is true that some of these 700 units have already been reserved could well have been achieved thanks to events like the Madrid lounge Car 2016, held in may, in which the SEAT Ateca itself was exposed. But it is clear that to reach up to 700 units should be assumed, that many customers booked their SEAT Ateca blindly, without having seen. The first 500 units had already been sold a few weeks ago.

Bear in mind that the reservation involves the payment of a signal, and waits until the vehicle leaves the factory, and begin deliveries. In any case, the reservation of a car ahead of its launch involves obtaining a privileged position to get one of the first units arriving at dealerships.


Mikel Palomera, Director of SEAT Spain, recognized that the success that is having the SEAT Ateca since the opening of reservations is much higher than that experienced by the last big releases of the Spanish brand, such as the SEAT Leon. Any other product launched by SEAT has been able to close many sales before they even begin to be exposed to dealers.

But the million dollar question is the following, would you buy a car blind without having seen it live? To the question of what percentage of customers who have already purchased a SEAT Ateca were new to the SEAT brand did not provide an exact figure. In any case, we have to assume that, in effect, a very high percentage of these sales have been buyers who were already customers SEAT previously. Probably that is a reason to buy a car blind. A buyer will be more inclined to buy a car from a brand you trust, from a brand that has never been a client.

Source: SEAT