The SEAT Ateca to fund, find it all through the 104 photos and a video

The Ateca is raising passions wherever you go. The long-awaited SUV will soon roll through the streets of our country, with his arrival, it will quickly become one of the three fundamental pillars of the SEAT. Now is the time to get to know the new SEAT Ateca, thanks to the 104 photographs to a video that had not seen.


Image unmistakably SEAT, dynamic and sporty

The Ateca comes to cover the needs of the SEAT in a segment in continuous growth, the SUV. Today many opponents have already been several generations on the ground, and the English shall fight against top-five opponents to dominate not only the domestic market but also the european.

To achieve this, SEAT has fitted its new design philosophy in Ateca, thereby making it possible to an SUV with great aesthetic appearance and a significant sporty touch. A concept that is also transmitted to the interior, with a clear trend of the compact SEAT Leon and with a technology that makes it the most advanced of the entire brand.

And is that SEAT has decided that it should incorporate all the standard systems in the cars of latest generation. This includes attending to the driving, cameras and parking sensors, computer, infotainment connectivity for Android and Apple, as well as an important technical deployment and mechanical.

At this point the SEAT Ateca will enjoy a wide range of mechanical. Blocks diesel and petrol with a minimum output of 115 horsepower and a maximum of 190. That for the moment, because all information points to that in the next few months will see the arrival of a variant more sporty, Cupra, with an engine of nearly 300 horsepower.

of course, for the Ateca can rival you in a very segment occupied, the price should go along. Therefore, as a starting point, the Ateca is available from 18.800 euros. A very attractive price that will do nothing but subtract a significant number of sales to their opponents. Will soon be on the road, but today we can know him more deeply.