The SEAT Ibiza and the SEAT Leon are the top-selling cars in April (and the year so far)

we Put an end to the month of April and with the arrival of may have the data enrolment of the month and, therefore, the accumulated of the year, the total of the cars sold in Spain in a year, best-selling brands, the models most in demand, do to the head? Making the homeland we find the offense of SEAT, with the SEAT Ibiza and the SEAT Leon, but what are the models that we follow? This is the top 10 of cars most sold in Spain in April and so far this year:

These are the cars most sold in Spain in April and in the year so far:

With a total of 3.363 units and 3.214 units sold in April, the SEAT Ibiza and the SEAT Leon are at the head of a ranking that is conformed of the following way:

SEAT Ibiza – 3.363 units
SEAT Leon – 3.214 units
Volkswagen Golf – 3.067 units
Dacia Sandero – 2.811 units
Citroën C4 – 2.718 units
Volkswagen Polo – 2.572 units
Renault Clio – 2.401 units
Peugeot 308 – 2.181 units
Opel Corsa – 2.063 units
Peugeot 208 – 1.944 units

In total, in 2016, in the year so far, the ranking of the best selling models would be the following:

SEAT Leon – 12.962 units
SEAT Ibiza – 11.508 units
Volkswagen Golf – 10.216 units
Citroën C4 – 9.587 units
Volkswagen Polo – 9,566 cases units
Opel Corsa – 8.864 units
Peugeot 308 – 8.525 units
Dacia Sandero – 8.150 units
Ford Focus – 7.560 units
Peugeot 208 – 7.531 units

In the year so far, there have been increased sales in a 10.3%:

In this first quarter of the year have been sold 388.087 units, which is an increase over the previous year of 10.3%. Of this total, approximately half (50.5%) correspond to particular.

During the month of April the total number of units sold amounts to 100.889 units which assumes a significant growth of 21% compared to the month of April 2015.