The Seat Ibiza certainly arrive during the next summer

SEAT Ibiza

a Lot of carries talking about in the last few months about the powerful offensive of the products of the Seat entering into the segment of the todocaminos, with the Ateca and the future SUV dimensions contained that you will receive the name of Arona, as well as the new generation of the Seat Ibiza, the model most important for the brand in the last three decades. Precisely Arona will take the base of the Ibiza for its development, showing a more adventurous.

The Spanish brand, marketed since the summer, the Seat Ateca, just updated the Seat Leon just a few weeks ago, and its goals for 2017 are, in this order, to launch the new Seat Ibiza fifth generation and, at the end of the year, start the marketing of the new Seat Arona, of which we still have very few information. Said Luca de Meo, president of Seat, in the Paris Salon, “2017 is going to be a very special year for Seat”.

If the Seat Arona we have few data, it does not mean that the Ibiza we have many more. The mark of Martorell is taking place the development with much silence and without that for the moment, the model of the B-segment is then noted. According to our fellow brits of Autocar, the Seat Ibiza will be shown officially at the Geneva motor show 2017, in mid-march, and will arrive in dealers in summer.

SEAT Ibiza Cupra 2016

we Can expect changes quite deep in this generation jump. Seat is not used too much at present important changes in updates to the half-cycle of life, but in the relay of generations. We remind you that the fourth generation has been with us for many years, since 2008 in particular.

In this way, the aesthetic changes on the outside will be very remarkable, being able to sense that your body will adopt certain similarities with his older brother, the Seat Leon. Almost certain is that its exterior dimensions will increase slightly, which will gain a few inches in the interior space and, probably, in the capacity of the trunk.

New technologies will appear in the Ibiza in terms of infotainment with a new screen in the central area of the dashboard, more equipment options and, of course, new driving aids at the height of its rivals. Also adopt the new range of engines of the Volkswagen Group, with smaller displacement and lower consumption and pollutant emissions. We will wait until the mark is pronounced and, if it does not, until the month of march and the opening of the doors of the Salon of Geneva.

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Seat Ibiza

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