The SEAT Leon SC Cross Sport will not reach production, farewell to an idea very original

Is a serious though in our souls that we must announce that SEAT Lion SC Cross Sport will not come to the streets. The prototype of SEAT we fell in love with it just a few months ago, when it was presented at the iaa in Frankfurt. It was not for less: it was a SEAT Leon three-door equipped with a engine 2.0 TSI of 300 HP and an awd system. The point of originality, of freshness, was the fact that I had a suspension rather high, with a body kit which conferred a tad more campero.

straddling between the compact and the crossover, the SEAT Lion SC Cross Sport will never see the light of day.

Was a very fast car, prototype fully functional built accelerated up to 100 km/h in about 5 seconds, and you could use both in curved road or in the field with the same efficiency. In short, he was one of the ideas that are more original to come out of Martorell in recent years. The boys of Coach – a magazine of the United Kingdom – have been able to test it in Castellolí, and were impressed with the car. They also discovered that the car would not be produced in series. What are the motives behind the decision?


has Not been the crisis of the TDI or investments disenfranchised of the Volkswagen Group. Just don’t see pull enough commercial in the prototype. A prototype that was devised as a simple design exercise for the employees SEAT. In the words of SEAT, is a car that will serve as aesthetic inspiration for future models of the brand. If this is true, we will soon begin to see cars looking campero in abundance. So far, only the SEAT Leon Xperience covers this interesting niche market.

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