The seat of Pastor Maldonado F1 in danger, PDVSA contradicts it

Federico Gastaldi junto a Pastor MaldonadoAfter the purchase of Lotus by the company gala to be able to back as a team in F1 under the name Renault F1, the positions of some members of the team they were still in the air, now they slowly get to know details of who will take on the positions. However the riders seemed to be quite determined already, but lately there is talk of a possible departure of Pastor Maldonado to the team by the withdrawal of support from PDVSA.

PDVSA, Petroleos de Venezuela SA, you could check out the sponsorship that I had with Lotus, and ensures that they continue with Renault F1. In fact, it was confirmed that a representative of the team had travelled to Venezuela to try to close a deal and continue to patrocinándolos. Which implies the loss of PDVSA is not only about economic, but also what unites Pastor Maldonado with the team Renault F1.

Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, GP EE.UU. 2014Pastor Maldonado, and therefore does not have guaranteed his seat in F1, since if there is money to PDVSA, nor is there a seat for Pastor. Although from Venezuela have been quick to deny the news. Perhaps you already have come to an agreement between both parties and the Pastor can continue in F1 from 2016. Remember that PDVSA has been supporting Maldonado for the teams for which he has spent in F1 and he was one of the main incentives of teams to his signing.

If the departure of Pastor Maldonado will occur in 2016 the team Renault F1 could count on with Kevin Magnussen as a pilot officer, the name more sounds now to occupy the seat to stop the venezuelan. Renault F1 has already been set in Kevin by if they lose the support of PDVSA, a former McLaren that could come back to have steering wheel in F1. We’ll have to wait to know more data about whether PDVSA is maintained as a sponsor in F1 or not.