The second generation of the Chevrolet Niva has been canceled


Removal of General Motors Russian market also implied the Cancellation of new products, as the second generation Chevrolet Niva . The prototype had debuted with great impact, last year Moscow Motor Show .


Chevrolet-Niva-Concept-2 H ace a few hours schemes General Motors to Russia met. The American brand suspended marketing of products Opel and most Chevrolet. Also GM-AvtoVAZ agreement does not cover new models .

The recent news that indicates the removal of General Motors Russian market also sealed the fate of the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ. Flagging Opel and Chevrolet cease to be offered in Russia, while the plant in the city of St. Petersburg, where several Chevrolet models were assembled close its doors .

This means that new projects have also been canceled especially second generation the SUV Chevrolet Niva, which was recently presented as a prototype, with very good acceptance of the press and the public. This new product was leaving the assembly line of a new factory GM-AvtoVAZ was to be built in the city of Tolyatti , but the works were completely frozen, while the development team was dissolved.

This project was intended to initially produce at new Chevrolet Niva from 2016. However ensure that by the time the joint venture will continue to build the first generation Niva.

Furthermore, the project caught the attention of the international press after passing through the last Moscow Motor Show might win another destination if GM decides to take it to other markets.

The Niva Concept was designed by Ondrej Koromhaz , former designer Holden and now manager of advanced design for General Motors in China. It was built in Australia , at the premises of the factory Holden, the same place where there was the prototype Chevrolet Adra shown in India last year.





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