The second generation of the Toyota GT86 has been confirmed

Toyota GT86 2017

The Toyota GT86 was born several years ago with his brother of a different father, the Subaru BRZ. Both models, virtually identical, were the result of a collaboration between the two japanese brands that materialized in 2012. A few months ago Toyota launched an update in which, to say truth, the changes were minimal. Some new brush strokes aesthetic along with new optical, but still clearly identifiable as a Toyota GT86. In the section mechanical changes were also minimal.

Much has been questioned on both models by their sales figures, not by its dynamics. Despite being a few products, “good, nice and cheap”, which offer many and good feelings thanks to its aesthetics, lightness, propulsion and rear touch driving, sales are not very high; especially in the model of Subaru. In Spain, we have only sold 12 Subaru BRZ in the year so far (until 30 November), for the 35 units of the Toyota GT86.

Toyota GT86 2017

it is that Spain is not a country in the flourish of the sports, but still very few. In comparison, have been enrolled 513 Ford Mustang. In his defence we can say that the sports, as a general rule, are cars very popular just after its launch, but that demand and interest on the part of the new owners drops significantly as time passes.

however, Karl Schlicht, head of Toyota Europe, has stated the average british Coach that the Toyota GT86 will have a generational change. The medium says that the relay will arrive in 2018 or 2019. Schlicht has been pronounced in the interview with Coach on the collaboration with Subaru, and it is that compatriots from Toyota are the ones who provide the mechanics currently to the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86, the 2-liter boxer-200 HP propulsion and later. Commented that “there are many reasons to continue with Subaru, having referred precisely to the four-cylinder engine in a horizontal position.

Source – Coach

Toyota GT86

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