The second Gigafactory of Tesla could be built in Germany

Tesla Motors wants to continue its international expansion, and the company’s plans are far more advanced than it might seem. In addition to opening an assembly line in the Netherlands, the us giant could soon begin construction of a second factory of vehicles and batteries, Gigafactory 2. And it could be in Germany, where, according to Bloomberg and the official sources of the German government, Elon Musk would have been in contact with Sigmar Gabriel, Minister of Economy.

The Gigafactory from Tesla will open its doors within a few months. It is being built in Reno, Nevada.

apparently, one of the reasons for the construction of the Gigafactory is that Tesla sees Germany as its main market for battery-domestic. It is a country where unlike the us, there is a tax on the sun rapidly driven by the Government. In addition, it is the main european automobile market and one of the countries with the highest purchasing power of the Union. All agree, if Tesla is going to undertake a strong expansion in Europe, the market is where you should focus most of their efforts.


In this factory also may occur Tesla Model 3, a vehicle electrical, whose cost in Europe could be between 30,000 euros and 40,000 euros. A european production would reduce the cost, not have to pay for import tariffs and create jobs in Europe. This ad also get nervous at the Volkswagen Group, as well as to BMW and Daimler, the latter of which already manufactures batteries in the German city of Kamenz. The availability of public subsidies tip the balance in favor of the German market.

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