The secret and fascinating story of the six Porsche 959 built after the cessation of its production

There are moments in the history of motor racing in which marks a milestone. The Porche 959 is a blatant case of how sometimes a brand name paste a qualitative leap that will mark a before and an after in its history, and that of those around him. Some time ago a 959 with registration of Madrid was going out to auction in California and it is not the only one who has gone through an auction and has exceeded one million euros. It is not for less in a car created by Porsche for the Group B rally. And is that such was the impact of this car that did not die once it has finished its production.

The 959 was considered the street car and more powerful technology of the time. While it is true he had the six-cylinder engine of the 911, but the trappings of that heart was something never seen. All-wheel drive system with selector variable torque, sending more power to one axle or the other, magnesium wheels, tire pressure monitor, and a change of six speeds. Despite the fact that the engine is refrigeraba by air, used cylinders water-cooled and the two turbos were working at the same time. All this in the 80’s, in a motor nearly identical to the mark after he rode the Porsche 936, 956 and 962, which dominated Le Mans.

gallery-1464287585-screen-shot-2016-05-26-at-23248-pmThe technological challenge that was supposed to construct each unit was immense for Porsche, which at that time was a small company and independent, away from the solidity and the current protection under the VAG Group. This resulted in that at the beginning of 1988 ended the production more 959 Komfort due to how expensive they were. However, it seems that Porsche will remain sufficient parts to complete up to six puzzles that ended up being six units, extra built in 1992.

All 959 of 1992 were commissioned by the same person, a collector of Macau.

Porsche confirms that these cars were manufactured, but the story is less fascinating. The greatest expert on Porsche 959 is called Bruce Canepa. This gentleman has imported, held, sold, and modified 959 that no one in the world (even it says you have one with 750 HP). He confirms that they existed and that then they were commissioned by the same person, a collector of Macau that he bought for him and a friend of Hong Kong. Who is this capricious entrepreneur? It seems that we will never know.

1986_Porsche_959_060615-01According to Porsche were fabricated 294 Komfort in total, and 29 more that are not included in that list as Sport models. The last car to leave the production line and more technological 80’s had recorded the number 288 on the chassis. Then, where they went to these six who completed the 294 units?

it Is said that there are six, but as they were not built in order, perhaps less, perhaps more. The only sure thing is that it is impossible to identify them at a glance, Porsche’s built with parts that were left out of the production and made it exactly like that in the 80’s. As the brand never made aware of its existence, these units are valued as the first did.

Each Porsche 959 cost about $ 300,000 in their time, but the cost of production was much more than double.

The question is, how is it possible that the brand had tatas pieces and parts leftover and decided to make six more units with the cost it would entail. Tap out the calculator. In 1984 Porsche was a company buoyant economically speaking, and the project of the 959 was approved. Two years later the reality was very different. Porsche had accepted 250 orders with deposits of more than $ 22,000 per car.

Porsche 959But, unfortunately, the cost of each car was higher than we had calculated. So it is a German brand had made a calculation error. The expert Canepa ensures that each car was around in his time the us $ 300,000, but the real cost were 720.000, most of the double. Do you ask for any more money Porsche to your customers? No, they assumed the error and the cost of each unit. To make matters worse, the 959 had not been approved in the united States, so they canceled all the orders and returned the money to the customers. Something that can even come well given that the costs of such approvals would have resulted in bankruptcy for the brand.

If they had approved the 959 in the united States the German brand would have been ruined in the attempt.

With this situation, the brand saw with enough parts and chassis leftovers to make a few more units. I never would have done if the wealthy businessman in Macau not have asked and would have paid double time for each car. Simply tried a unique opportunity to recover a lost or stolen money.

Porsche 959An opportunity that fell from the sky and they were able to take advantage of, because if the results of Porsche were bad in the last gasps of the 80’s, the start of the 90’s was catastrophic. To put that in perspective, Porsche sold to 14,000 cars in the world in 1993, far from the 200,000 sold in the past year. So that the order of 1992 was a small patch for their battered accounts.

What has been one of those 959 of 1992? All in the hands of private collectors, none would happen if you want for an auction, but that would be sold by the mouth-to-mouth. The original owner of Macau remains a mystery as has never wanted to reveal his identity. The person skilled in 959 Bruce Canepa points out that surely this mysterious man you keep some drives and keep them in the U.S., but who never has driven, or even seen, so that if one day we see it at an auction a Porsche 959 with a mileage of ridiculous for a car with almost 30 years may be any of those 959 noventeros.

Source: Road & Track