The secret message that the Porsche engineers hid in the 911 GT3 is bought by Honda

When a car manufacturer develops a new vehicle, a very common practice is to subject it to comparative tests with its main rivals. The goal is to correct car set-up, in development, on the basis of the best features of its rivals. This process is known as benchmarking in the industry, and it is routine. The manufacturers acquire anonymously vehicles from the competition. At Honda, they believed that they had purchased anonymously a Porsche 911 GT3, until they found a secret message.

Honda didn’t expect to find a note from Porsche under the hood of your GT3 just repaired.

Porsche 911 GT3 that the japanese bought had as objective to perform a benchmarking your address, to properly tune the Honda NSX. As you may have read in our test of the Porsche 911 GT3, the feel and feedback of its direction largely contributes to a driving experience exciting. Porsche called to review the GT3 a little over a year, due to a problem with the cranks of the engine. Somehow, Porsche tied two and two together and discovered who was the owner of the car.

honda-nsx-europa-30According to Automotive News reports, Porsche came to the conclusion that the GT3 was owned by Honda after analyzing the “black box” of the car and the data recorded in the database of the brand. When they learned who was the owner, the brand’s engineers decided to leave a secret message for a Honda. Left a note on the engine cover, on which one could read a message, a somewhat enigmatic: “Good luck Honda, on the part of Porsche. We will see you on the other side”.

Benchmarking is a very common practice in the industry, carried out by all the manufacturers.

this is Not a song of Adele, rather it is a message of Porsche pulling out chest of a user-friendly way. “We have a car so good, that for a lot of benchmarking that you do not you will be able to reach our level”, it would be a translation more direct. I am sure that in both of these companies have taken some good laughs to find the note. Interestingly, Honda also bought a McLaren MP4-12C in its time. The mark never came to discover who was the owner of the car, although the dealer where you had maintenance had suspicions.

honda-nsx-europa-p“In what circuit you have reached 328 km/h?”, asked to discover in the telemetry the maximum speed reached. If you only knew…

Source: Automotive News