The secret of Renault Talisman: Daimler oversaw its development and quality

With the Renault Talisman, Renault pays off your outstanding bills with saloon segment. Insufficient numbers after the last Renault Laguna and Renault Latitude, the Renault Talisman is presented as a revolution that focuses on quality and sobriety to regain lost ground. But how has earned Renault boast of quality in its new sedan? Daimler is the answer, is that after a relationship full of agreements between Renault-Nissan and Daimler groups, it seems that new Renault Talisman has been supervised by a team of experts from Daimler to go through quality checks note .


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Renault decided to seek help from Daimler to ensure that the new Talisman were up to Mondeo and Passat

In full revolution SUV Renault Talisman was required to meet expectations , especially in terms of quality and finish are concerned. Designed with a new inspiration featuring a seemingly sober for what we are used to in the range of diamond features, the new Renault Talisman seems to endorse this slogan premiere of the Citroen C5 French German character and spirit.

The arrival of the new Ford Mondeo and the new Volkswagen Passat has made it clear that generalist firms have the capacity to make a qualitative leap, and that is where the Renault Talisman wanted to give the C’s to mark differences his rivals. Swimming is objective Renault did not hesitate to turn to for help Daimler in both the review of its processes and quality controls . Said and done, an expert group Daimler went to the factory in Douai to examine the entire production process of Renault Talisman and helping to ensure the qualitative leap sought to discover.

renault-talisman-2015-19 Remember that Renault Talisman is a 100% Renault , which means that any of its components, engines and platform are sourced Daimler . That said, regretting not being able to access the reports by Daimler, Renault Talisman has been featured going consideration of quality of Daimler.

And you, you see the qualitative leap that Renault and Daimler wanted imrpimir in the new Talisman?


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