The secrets of a great idea called the Kia Niro: the new hybrid crossover from Kia

Kia wanted to launch a new hybrid, a tourism conceived only and exclusively to be a hybrid, not an adaptation you can use a model, which is also marketed with other engines, such as the Optima. And what better base to take that big step to do it with a platform exclusive to hybrids. The Kia Niro is set to become the new SUV hybrid Kia, or as they preferred to call it, the new Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV). In any case, and avoiding names and commercial strategies of the brand, the important thing that we know is that it is a SUV is compact in size, and hybrid engine. What more can we tell you of this new Kia Niro?

Aware of the success of the SUV compact, especially in Europe, Kia has opted to create a dedicated hybrid with the body of a SUV.

The Kia Niro not only will have an own platform, not shared with the new Sportage, but also with a own design. It is true that you will abide by the key aesthetic of the brand, such as his famous nose of a tiger, but each and every one of the exterior panels of this car will be owned. The explanation of creating a platform to measure of this product is none other than to maximize the space, and comply with the requirements of the customer, even you have to equip it with systems are relatively bulky, such as batteries, own a hybrid.

The decision to launch a dedicated hybrid on the basis of a SUV is really interesting. SUV, crossover, or as you prefer to call them, are all a success in Europe. The goal now is to translate that recipe for success to a mechanical combination that in our continent still continues to enjoy figures, very discreet, and do so with a product very much focused on the needs of the european customer.


  • The Kia Niro will also be offered later, with a mechanical hybrid and plug-in.

    mechanically, the Kia Niro has opted for a engine 1.6 “Kappa” GDI of 105 BHP of power and 147 Nm of maximum torque. This engine will be paired to a hybrid system with a lithium battery 1.56 kWh and an electric motor of 32 kW (44 HP), mediating a change of double clutch. We speak of a mechanical combination interesting, especially due to the presence of a dual-clutch transmission, something not common in vehicles of these characteristics (although not unheard of, since Volkswagen already did the same), which typically use inverters continuous. Include validating a emissions CO2 below 90 g/km

    Kia confirms in addition that the new Kia Niro will have a second version, later on, that will be not only hybrid, but also plug-in. So thanks to a battery of greater capacity would be possible to travel important distances in mode 100% electric.

    The Kia Niro – whose name already dropped in a prototype presented a few years ago – will be officially presented in the coming months, to reach the dealerships by the end of 2016.

    Source: Kia
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