The secrets of the shooting of All Gas in the video will make you feel greater

The video today I present to you is a jewel a both unknown. Although already appeared on the Internet years ago, is not the “making-of” of “All Gas” to use. It is more of a graphic document with a few secrets we didn’t know about his shooting. looks Almost like a graphic material created for professionals of the industry film. Be that as it may, it gives us a perspective very interesting, different, about one of the films that most shaped a generation amateur in the car.

Seems to lie that the original movie of “All Gas” was released in 2001, it is already 15 añazos.

Interestingly, the graphic material makes reference to a movie called “Redline”, the translation of which is red line, in allusion to the cuentavueltas of a car. “Redline” would have been the title of the movie, but the studio decided to rename it to “The Fast and The Furious”, in homage to a western film classic. In Spain – as usual – translated the title somewhat free, while in most of Latin America the film was released under the name “Fast and Furious”.

it Is most interesting to see what people were actors, as well as to see the late Paul Walker in his moment of maximum popularity in the media, having starred in “She’s All That” a couple of years before. The actors look very young, and of recording media, surprisingly analog. It was a film that needed a multitude of specialists, creative work of chambers and even of the construction of a great number of vehicles for action scenes. Double that sometimes ended up wrecked.

Some of the doubles and some of the vehicles star of the movie pageto have been auctioning over the years. The last one has been the Volkswagen Jetta white of the year, 1995 to Jessee for me in the film. Many action scenes were filmed with body mounted on vans that did the powerslide. A vibration platform simulates the vibration of the road in the scenes in which I wanted to see the characters inside the film. Barely used digital effects in the recording of the movie.

In short, a document is interesting that I recommend you to see. Lasts 20 minutes, but worth the effort if you are true fans of the saga.

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