The secrets of Volvo T5 Twin Engine, or how to get over 250 HP with three cylinder engine and hybridization

Volvo has taken the foot of the letter the concept of downsizing. For Volvo, less is more. Until recently, a T followed by a number very high in a Volvo meant a powerful engine, but also with a large displacement. The surprise would come with the all-new Volvo XC90, which articulate a range of engines in which no more than four cylinders could be attained 400 HP of power delivered by the Volvo XC90 T8. The next step in the complete renewal of Volvo, will be a wave of products compact, which will begin with the new Volvo V40 and XC40. And are these the same people who released a new mechanics, T5 Twin Engine, with a three-cylinder engine and electrical support will deliver more than 250 HP of power. We know that will be present in the new Volvo V40 and Volvo XC40, and you will bet for the front-wheel-drive. What are the secrets of the new three-cylinder Volvo?

The new system Volvo T5 Twin Engine has been created to the extent of its new compact models. Is compatible, therefore, with the new architecture of the Compact Modular Architecture presented these days, in the prototype Volvo Concept 40.1 and Volvo Concept 40.2 that in turn anticipate the key of the new Volvo V40 and XC40.

This new mechanic responds to the needs that Volvo has seen in his clientele. The first, counting with hybrid systems more accessible and simple, betting on the front-wheel drive, instead of the total traction that, for example, employs the T8 Twin Engine Volvo XC90. The second, the need for powerful engines with a consumption negligible. The third, the objective that we have proposed to sell one million vehicles electrified (between electric and hybrid) by the year 2025.


How will the new three-cylinder Volvo?

we Know that with three cylinder Volvo wants to cover a good part of the offer of engines for its new compact models, Volvo V40 and XC40. To do this you will count with a three-cylinder engine, a new Drive E, which aims to achieve a specific power very high thanks to the boost by turbo. Notes: Volvo ensures that this three-cylinder reaches the 180 HP of power, in this case without hybridization.

One of the great advantages of this engine will be the have been designed in parallel with its new four-cylinder engine. So that the number of shared components between the two engines three and four cylinders, will be high. And not only that. Volvo ensures that these two motors can be manufactured, and in fact will be manufactured in the same production line. All of them will be manufactured in Sweden.

I’ll give you one last piece of information about the new three-cylinder Volvo. The Swedish brand ensures that its purpose is not limited to convince us that this engine is the most suitable for a compact car, like the new Volvo V40 and Volvo XC40. Volvo ensures that this engine will be also available on higher models in the series 60. So, now we can anticiparos that there will also be a Volvo S60 and a Volvo V60 that will feature a three-cylinder engine.


the secrets of The Volvo T5 Twin Engine

Returning to the subject that occupies to us, the Volvo T5 Twin Engine, we can disclose some more data. To contain costs, Volvo us has confessed that this engine will be available in configuration of front-wheel drive. But what’s interesting, without a doubt, is the fact that born result of the combination of a three-cylinder engine and turbo, with an electric motor, to reach out to a power that will exceed probably the 250 HP.

That is not all. This mechanical will be associated to a change of double clutch and seven relationships. If we look carefully at the schematic of this change (see image), and his work in hybrid mode, it is likely that we will be left even more puzzled. But of this I will keep talking later.

that still have not made it clear, but yes we should consider, is if this mechanic will be provided with batteries with a capacity plug. The aspect of their lithium-ion batteries could lead us to think that, in effect, that will be the target of Volvo. That is to say, this new Volvo T5 Twin Engine would have an electric range acceptable to recharge the batteries at home, and travel a few tens of kilometers without consuming a single drop of fuel.

Source: Volvo