The security measures of the World Rally Car of 2017


The new generation of World Rally Cars is just around the corner. More powerful, fast, effective, and aggressive in their aerodynamics, the cars that draw a new era in the World Rally are very close to your approval. A very important process, since it not only allows you to get the technical passport and the bid to compete in 2017 and successive seasons, but also serve to verify that the new security measures imposed by the FIA with the arrival of the new technical regulation to 2017 are met. About the same has spoken to Malcolm Wilson.

Malcolm Wilson is one of the voices most reputable of the caravan of the WRC. Your role as a pattern of M-Sport and their vast experience are the perfect ingredients to talk about these safety measures that have been applied in the Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2017, a model that has filmed on the roads of Barcelona during the last week. The basis of this model and the rest of the World Rally Cars is safety cage, the main structure of the car that collects all the burdens, tensions, suspension, or forces after an accident, preserving the interior of the vehicle.

it has Also taken a step with the baquets (seats), more confident with each design. In this new generation of World Rally Cars has improved the cushioning of the headrest in order to limit the movement of the head and make still more effective the ‘hans’. However, the major effort has been undertaken in the area of the doors to fight against side impacts. It has strengthened the structure, has extended the density of the foam that absorbs shock and have enhanced other protections. In total, this new foam absorbs 20% more energy in an accident.