The Shelby GT500 Super Snake '67 will be built half a century later


Shelby GT500 Super Snake 1967.

Shelby doesn’t stop giving us eye-catching surprises every now and then, and if last year unveiled the Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe big-block 427, a version that even came to exist at the official level, we now announces the next production of a limited edition of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake 1967, a well known model but that never came to production.

Shelby American now will produce a short-limited series of only 10 units at a base price of 249.995 dollars. A price substantially higher, but considerably cheaper than the price of the prototype only one that presented the brand in their day.

Shelby created the first and until now only GT500 Super Snake 1967, in your day at the request of Goodyear, as a demonstration vehicle. This had a V8 engine 427 (7.0-liter) from a Ford GT40 mk II that surrendered 527 PS (520 hp), which at the end of the sixties was a hideous. The initial intentions were to build it, but Don McCain, a distributor of Shelby was interested in the model and studied the possibility of making some copies. However, its high price meant that these plans were dismissed.


Half a century later, comes finally to production.

so was only a copy of the GT500 Super Snake ‘67, the original prototype requested by Goodyear, and after passing through the hands of several owners, was auctioned off in 2013 for nothing less than $ 1.3 million.

The new limited edition will be manufactured in the form of a series of continuation and will have a block V8 of 427 cubic inches with specifications of competition and with an output around 550 horsepower. To these copies will be based on the chassis of the Mustang ‘67, keeping the numbers of frame original Ford, although will be added also a serial number from Shelby to be able to include them in the official record of Shelby. There is also the possibility of making these modifications using a rack Shelby original, even though this will raise considerably the price.

Interestingly, with each of the vehicles will be delivered a plaque signed by Carroll Shelby and Don McCain, both deceased, since apparently, both signed in their days these plates to the number of units that are thought to make the model.