The shocking last teaser of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


the tension of The rubber bands speaks for itself.

The unveiling of the new Dodge SRT Demon is not being precisely short. In theory it presents in the Hall of New York, but after numerous teasers, some who even showed the car to the full, Dodge not stop bombardearnos with photos and videos of your new beast.

The latter is without doubt the most spectacular and interestingly the one that shows less of the model, to which we have even been able to see in different angles thanks to their appearance in the next installment of the saga “Fast and Furious”.

In this latest teaser, the brand shows us its tires on video, impressive Nitto 315 section. Although they are not the tires in if you, as this is not the first time that Dodge us the sample, but the behavior of the same in the asphalt.

As you can in the video, the power of the Demon twists the huge Nitto as if they were paper during a sudden acceleration. It should be noted that the choice of these tires is not casual, as are rubbers, especially adherents to the use to which it will be intended for the Demon, the “drag strips” of the National Hot Rod Association.

According to Dodge, has been chosen to a transmission ratio suitable for this use radical, to which is added a rubber very soft and sticky, to the brutal couple who receives it crushes and folds flat against the asphalt, obtaining a fingerprint from contact with a 15 percent higher. So we can expect some figures of the acceleration brutal.

we don’t know for the moment what will be the specifications of the new Demon, some clues indicate to us that it could be 767 CV, but also
there are reports that point to that could become a 900.


The new Challenger SRT Demon to the full.

Be that as
regardless, what is clear is that Dodge continues to be the brand only
that remains faithful to the spirit of the original muscle cars
: raw power,
maximum acceleration capability and stability in a straight line, which in north America
it is understood by power mechanical. Unlike some of its rivals Mustang and
Camaro, that in the last update have been refined adopting
racks more evolved
with setups less radical.