The single-seater competition that Bentley developed in secret in the sixties


The only sport racing Bentley in more than 70 years.

In its first years of existence, the Bentley was strongly linked to the world of racing. Today are still remembered those first five victories of the british brand at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, most of them the work of the famous Bentley Boys. However, at the beginning of the decade of the thirties Rolls Royce acquired the signature of Crewe, eliminating all possibility of return the brand to the circuits, despite the excellent track record sports obtained in the previous decade, due to the politics of Rolls of never entering in competition.

so up to that Bentley became part of the Group Volkswagen AG, the true architects of the victory in Le Mans in 2003, the british firm was forbidden from stepping officially of the circuits or manufacture vehicles intended for competition for nearly 70 years, except for the model that appears in the images, which makes it one of the most rare and special of the brand founded by Walter Owen Bentley, although has never had the place it deserves in the history of the firm.

the year was 1965 when Rolls Royce decided to make two chassis to create separate vehicles for display to introduce the new generation of the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and its twin the Bentley T-Series, 1966. however, one of those two scenes did not become the show car that should have been.


it Seems incredible that it is built on a chassis of a T-Series conventional.

it Was the marketing director of Rolls Royce, John Craig, who, in secret, he sold that second frame to Barry Eastick, the Bentley Drivers Club, to develop a racing vehicle, contradicting severely the internal regulations of Rolls Royce.

The new model was drawn up by Alan Padgett, the legendary designer of Bentley, and the aluminium body was built by specialist british cars Lyncar Engineering. The engine chosen was the V8 aluminum crankcase dry and 6.23 liters of Rolls Royce, it was arranged interestingly in a central position but ahead of the cockpit, on the contrary of what is used already for a few years in the international competitions.

The shapes of the car are slightly bigger than they used to be usual at that time for this type of cars. The body, while has the form of pure traditional, with all its flat surfaces, by drawing on its cross section a rectangle with its rounded edges and the exiguous cockpit is not centered, but shifted to the right, as if a two-seater it were.


central Engine but ahead of the cockpit.

Interestingly, this vehicle was not built exclusively for racing, as was also developed for use in road, in a manner similar to what they represent models such as the BAC Mono, vehicles matriculables developed with the technology of competition, therefore, had two mechanical settings, fed by carburetors for highway and adding carbs double and a compressor for the race configuration.

This sole prototype, frame number 2 SSS C-2, was employed for years in the Uk, both on the road and in competition, without entering into the competitions of relevance. In recent times has been for sale without success in the united States, at the dealership of Florida Gateway Classics Cars with a price tag of close to $ 2 million, from where come the images of the model.

This weekend has been one of the most rare of the auction by Russo and Steele in Monterey, where also gathered some pieces very rare and exclusive, as the prototype PB2-1 of the Ford GT, the first model of the pre-production model, intended for electrical testing and reliability.


Of cigar-shaped traditional, their surfaces are completely flat.

Your condition of vehicle is performed in part external to the brand
has conditioned seriously its historical significance, and hence, your
valuation as a classic. Because despite it being ostensibly a piece
only developed from the chassis of a Bentley T-Series and the
V8 engine of the british home, this has never had proper
consideration on the part of the story, becoming a mere
story of the legacy of the signing of Crewe.