The Škoda Citigo electric will be a reality next year

To balance the average level of emissions then to expand its range of models with the Kodiaq and Karoq, the Czech manufacturer will finally launch the Škoda Citigo electric, a model that will arrive to the market in 2019.

Lto recent expansion of the model range of Škoda within the segment of crossovers has brought benefits to the company, although at the same time has generated some problems related to emissions of CO2.

During the past year, the SUVs accounted for nearly 15% of sales for the Czech manufacturer on the european market and these vehicles are heavier and less energy-efficient have raised the average level of emissions of the brand. The present perfect of the public by the SUVs seem to have no ceiling and then throw to the Kodiaq and Karoq, Škoda is already thinking about a new crossover entry-level, that few days ago made its debut at the Geneva Auto show in march 2018 as a prototype under the designation Škoda Vision X.

The addition of a third crossover to its range will only make things worse, and thus the Czech manufacturer has taken the decision to finally launch to the market a version purely electric Škoda Citigo, which will arrive at dealers in 2019 and that would allow the manufacturer stay within the limits imposed by european legislation and as well manage to avoid the associated fines.

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The roadmap of the Czech manufacturer envisages the launch of several models purely electrical, but they are still not smooth to arrive at the market. In response to the need of to lower the average emissions level in a quick way, Škoda has taken the decision to launch the Citigo electric, as the car will use many of the technologies that are already present in the Volkswagen e-Up! , and that soon you will use the SEAT e-Mii.

although the manufacturer is not confirmed in an official manner, the first information suggest that the model will adopt the name “Škoda Citigo And”. In all cases you will need to wait for the company to disseminate more information of this new option in a short time more will be available in the market.