The Škoda Funstar Concept is one of the attractions of the brand in Wörthersee


As part of the festival Wörthersee that will take place this year, a prototype developed on the basis of Skoda Fabia be presented. This is the Škoda Funstar which transforms a small hatchback cargo vehicle .


SKODA -FUNstar A few days before annual event that brings together fans of the VAG Group at the Wörthersee festival, the group’s brands are slowly giving to know the novelties presented there. The first model to be released was the Škoda Funstar Concept, a prototype that shows small light pickup .

The Škoda Funstar be one of the attractions of the festival Wörthersee 2015

This is a product conducted by a group of young students from the academy Škoda who based the Fabia and under the direction of designer Jozef Kaban carried out an small work vehicle.

To achieve the goal, the body was cut to accommodate a box loaded with good dimensions, for which they have had to sacrifice the rear.

look very carefully in terms of finishes, the Škoda Funstar has a painted gray body, which in turn is combined with some elements of fluorescent green color, a tone that was even used in outdoor ambient lighting. We have also ageregado alloy wheels and specific design of some details in dark gray.

Mechanically there are no big surprises, as it uses 1.2-liter TSI engine produces 121 horses strength and is associated with a seven-speed automatic transmission with double clutch.

Among its optional features, as usual in this type of vehicles are taken to Wörthersee to be displayed, the Funstar has a powerful sound system that will be responsible for capturing the attention of those present.





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