The Skoda Karoq RS would resort to electrification

The Skoda Karoq is the little brother of the Skoda Kodiaq, as well as is also a cousin of the Seat Ateca. However, it seems that the chechen and the Spanish could take different alternatives in their sport versions. The Seat Ateca Cupra will use the same engine 2.0 TSI 300 HP León Cupra while, as it seems, the course Skoda Karoq RS would take a different path.

The bulk of the european clientele each time demand more cars type SUV, while the regulations of the anti-pollution make more difficult the task to engineers and designers. When choosing a sport variant, the thing gets even more complicated: to obtain high yields to be relatively clean. If to many current models (and also for the short-term future) is used hybridization, why not for the sport versions?

Seems to be that the Skoda Karoq RS would resort to hybridization in order to obtain a performance which is relatively high and, in turn, did not increase significantly the emissions produced during combustion. In any case, it is not possible to know today if this version of the major benefits of the SUV Czech would be the height, dynamically speaking, the future Seat Ateca Cupra and its 300 HP.

Auto Express asserts that, during a conversation with Christian Strube, head of R & D of Skoda, it said that not clear if you would only use a heat engine or if, on the contrary, would support a hybrid system. Similarly, Strube stated that he saw more potential a version of the high performance of the Skoda Karoq that the Kodiaq; saying that the Karoq is more compact and more agile.

Still we cannot confirm that the mark of the Czech Republic will market a Skoda Karoq RS with a hybrid drive system, or even they’re going to release really a variant RS of this model, since there are still no confirmations official; but by the words of Christian Strube, it seems that he if you want to crystallize it. With the passage of months we will see what happens finally.

Source – Auto Express

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