The Skoda Karoq, the new C-SUV of the brand, it starts its production

have Barely been two months since the Skoda Karoq was submitted and today the brand has already announced the start of production in series at the plant in Kvasiny, in the Czech Republic. The company has invested approximately 418 million euros to the adaptation of plants to the SUV model from 2015. This demonstrates the interest of Skoda in enhancing the vehicle type-SUV, the most growing segment currently in Europe.

The Skoda Karoq is the substitute of the Skoda Yeti. The signature Czech has decided to give a change of direction with this movement and focus your attention more in a compact SUV that in a model of higher skills offroad. Nor is it that the Yeti was a off-road pure, but what is certain is that there was nothing wrong in complicated situations. As we will see the skills Karoq off the road when we can try it. We remind you that the first units will arrive in October.

The Skoda Karoq belongs to the segment C-SUV, so that we could consider it as the “little brother” of the Skoda Kodiaq. The Karoq measures 4,38 meters long and approves a capability for the trunk of 521 litres, that will be more than enough for a vacation with the family. This capacity can be modulated, for the three seats of the second row of seats offer the possibility to be adjusted longitudinally.

on the other hand, the new model Czech will be available at the start of your marketing with five engines different. On the one hand we will have two gas with 115 and 150 HP, while the mechanical diesel develop powers of 115, 150 and 190 HP. Depending on the versions you will be able to associate to a change DSG of 7 speeds and the traction integral. Seeing the success of the C-segment-SUV and the signing of Czech, a lot of us fear that the Ateca, Qashqai, 3008 and company will have a tough nut to crack from the fall.

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