The Skoda Kodiaq forward, presenting his first teaser

In the coming month of September, the world will discover the final appearance of the first SUV of Skoda. However, and to whet their appetite, the Czech brand reveals to us the first teaser of the Skoda Kodiaq. A name very robust for a model of the utmost importance in the brand, he will be the one to really launch the company.


In the form of a sketch, but so will be the face of the Skoda Kodiaq

long time Ago, back in the living Room of Geneva, gave us a preview in the form of a prototype. His name was Skoda VisionS, which he enjoyed, with the same design today is presented to us in the form of a sketch. A style that is easily recognized as Skoda at the same time that the presence typical, powerful and forceful of an SUV.

this novel design will add an interior in the purest style of the house Czech. The practicality and the functionality will be its reason for being. A lot of space and practical elements will be the tonic dominant of an interior designed to display the recent technological advances of the brand, as well as to accommodate up to seven passengers.

In just three months you will discover the work of Jozef Kabaƈ and all of its design team. Will be the Salon of Paris received the visit of the Skoda Kodiaq. From there will start the manufacturing and production, although it is not expected to reach dealerships until later this year or early next.