The Skoda Kodiaq leaked prior to its official presentation

Skoda KodiaqMuch time takes talking about the new all way of Skoda. The Czech brand, belonging to Volkswagen Group, will be entering one of the market segments most important for the sales volume and benefits they provide to manufacturers. The Skoda Kodiaq is a revelation in this brand, since the offensive SUV of the Volkswagen Group is cooking on a slow fire for several years.

If you regularly follow us, you have been able to read the progress and the leaks that have occurred with the new Skoda Kodiaq (, you can read here). We have been able to see spy photos how would be the final design of the model and the brand has left see a drive by the back cyclist to Spain. Well, this very afternoon, thanks to the web Skoda Forum RS we have been able to see the first pictures of the new Skoda Kodiaq as God, or your brand, what will you bring to the world.

Skoda Kodiaq filtradowe Say we’ve been able to see the first final images of the model, why the web have been published has withdrawn nothing more to realize “failure” committed with the filtration. The reason is that Skoda has prepared the official presentation of the model for this afternoon (at a different time obviously), and with this filtration will remove the surprise effect of the event.

The only image that was saved is the one that opens this news and here I bring to you. On an aesthetic level, little or nothing is different from the design that we already had in mind, and that we had been able to see in several photos as spies, as we have above.

The only data that was committed before his presentation are the platform on which it is built, the MQB Volkswagen, the range mechanics both petrol as well as diesel and the capacity of your car.

For more data will have to wait for the event and the brand to provide more images and all data and technical information on the new Skoda Kodiaq