The Skoda Kodiaq RS will be a reality: the SUV Czech will have a sports version

Skoda Kodiaq RS - recreación

Recreation of what they will look like the Skoda Kodiaq RS. Made by X-Tomi Design.

From a while ago was commenting on the different possibilities that I was considering Skoda for his family of RS models. A family that, as we well know, currently it is very concise because it only is made up of the Skoda Octavia RS 2017 (the model recently revealed and is available with two bodies). However, this will change in not much time. The following part up to this range will be the Skoda Kodiaq RS.

it Is clear that the Czech manufacturer has big plans for its new SUV in seven-seat. And proof of this is that it will also feature a hybrid variant plug-in. The new Skoda Kodiaq hybrid you will not see the light until the year 2019, and initially will go on sale in China later to give the jump to Europe. Make use of the base mechanics of the Volkswagen Passat GTE.

Now, getting back to what really it is incumbent on us, the Skoda Kodiaq RS, the long-awaited version of sporting character, has been confirmed by the Christian Strube, Chief of R & D Skoda. In addition, Strube notes that there is currently no real intentions of launching a hypothetical Skoda Super RS, another of the models that have been in all the pools to receive a version of this type.

Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is already on sale at dealerships Spanish. Available with 5 and 7 seater.

In the statements made by Strube to the environment EVO, also suggests that the Kodiaq RS will be powered by an engine 2.0-litre TDI with four cylinders and two turbos. A block that currently can be found in the range of the Volkswagen Tiguan. This engine will also be associated to a system of traction 4×4 and an automatic gearbox DSG dual-clutch and seven relationships.

let us Remember that currently the most powerful version that we find in the range of the Skoda Kodiaq is fixed by the model with the engine 2.0 TDI of 190 HP with traction in 4×4 and DSG. Will you be able to overcome the barrier of 200 HP as has gotten the SUV from Volkswagen? Will have to wait to find out.

Another of the differences that will present the Skoda Kodiaq RS with respect to the base model, will come from the hand of cosmetic changes. It will fit a tire of larger size and specific design as well as various elements of the body and specific finishes for the same. To get a more clear idea of the differentiating elements to aesthetic level we can take as the starting point of the new Skoda Octavia RS.