The Skoda Kodiaq will have a price in the Uk of about 23,800 euros to change

Nuevo Skoda KodiaqThe release of Skoda Kodiaq is still one of the most anticipated of recent years. The new SUV from the Czech brand comes to revolutionize the segment, with an attractive appearance and some solutions very interesting. And it is that, among other things, the Kodiaq offers the possibility to contain in its interior three rows of seats with up to seven seats. We do not yet have a confirmed price in our country, even if they just put the amount that will be requested by him in United Kingdom. The price in this country will be 21.495 lbs, a few 23.800 euros at the exchange. What do you think?

Without doubt, both for the brand and for the segment, the Skoda Kodiaq has been placed as one of the releases more of a stir to set up. There were many rumors that they were trying to guess and many teaser that went forward, and was finally unveiled. A attractive line that is part of a body of large dimensions, with an attractive front and a sleek behind. The model, in addition, it features an interior care as well as his brother, the SuperB, but in this case the todocamino offers its occupants up seven places to occupy.

Nuevo Skoda KodiaqFor its part, the Skoda Kodiaq will have a large range mechanics. If you will be available two diesel engines, both with engine 2.0 liter TDI, but with two power levels, 150 and 190 HP. In the computer gasoline will be playing up to three motors, mechanical that will provide for power between 125 and 190 HP. The brand has stated that the diesel engine is less powerful, the 2.0 TDI of 150 HP, offers a consumption official average of only 5.3 l/100 km and emits 139 grams of CO2 to the atmosphere per kilometre.

we Know that their price will be contained between his two brothers of range, the Volkswagen Tiguan has a starting price of 26,000 euros and the Seat Ateca part on € 19,000. But we can not say what will be the Skoda Kodiaq in particular. In Kingdom Uniod is already available and the amount that will be asked by him shall be 23,800 euros to change as little.