The Skoda Octavia is 20 years at the foot of the canyon, and these are their figures

April 1996. Skoda is now a brand of the Volkswagen Group. From Volkswagen to forge closer cooperation with Skoda Automobile, in the process of privatization that happened after the gradual dissolution of the Soviet Union, the German group was taking a growing piece of the brand of the former Czechoslovakia (a few days ago we celebrated 25 years of taking control of Volkswagen). By that time, Dirk van Braeckel took over the reins of the design, and Skoda is preparing for an onslaught of products to meet the needs of the european customer, and under the strategy and common platform of Volkswagen. Thus would be born the Skoda Octavia, the most popular product of Skoda to date, a sedan on the platform of the Golf that was to become the model most representative of the brand. Did you know that since then, the Skoda Octavia has sold over 5 million units?

indeed it is. Since its debut in 1996, the Skoda Octavia has sold over five million units. Among its best tricks, the space, a price set, and a sober design, but attractive. In any case, to place the beginning of the development of the Skoda Octavia we would have to move a few years ago, back in 1992. It was then when the development team Skoda was assembled in Mladá Boleslav to begin the development and design of this product.


The Skoda Octavia of the third generation produced by the unit number a million a few days ago.

At its inception, the Skoda Octavia was available with a range of two petrol engines and a turbodiesel, a 1.6 MPI, 75 HP, a 2.0-125 HP, and a 1.9 TDI 125 CV.

The history of the Skoda Octavia would continue brewing with the arrival of new versions, the most important of the Octavia Combi, a family that would come in the spring of 1998 to become a very popular alternative within the range Octavia. As a reference, I can say that the second generation of the Octavia, between 2004 and 2013, were sold the amount of 1,600,000 units of the sedan, and 900,000 units of the Octavia Combi family. The name Combi in fact recovered as a tribute to the model with the same name had been produced 364.000 units between the end of the fifties and 1964.

Its third generation, which arrived at dealers in 2013, has already sold more than a million units, a figure that was reached recently, in march of 2016.

Source: Skoda
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