The Skoda Octavia RS 2017 hastens his aspect through this recreation


Skoda Octavia RS 2017, an approach to design that will have the sports saloon after renovation (Image: X-Tomi Design)

you Already know Skoda Octavia 2017 presented fully renovated: without being a new generation, the ‘facelift’ that has received the sedan Czech brings interesting new features, like a to-date equipment with new possibilities, particularly in terms of purely technological, incorporating new driving aids and a multimedia computer with a browser and touch screen of 9.2 inches.

Its design is intended to be less sober and more emotional: one of the more striking of the Skoda Octavia 2017 is without a doubt the new front, with a optical front split -with Full LED optional – that may remind you of, without going too far, to the initial Mercedes E-Class W212. However, after the presentation of the new Octavia has been a notable absence, and that is none other than the sports version RS.


So is the Skoda Octavia 2017, what has improved or worsened your style with this ‘facelift’ aesthetic? The key, your new headlights

¿How will be the aspect of the future Skoda Octavia RS 2017? Here you have the answer, or at least an approximation to it, given that we are looking at a recreation is not an official of the Skoda Octavia RS 2017 made by X-Tomi Design, based on the standard model. And our impression is that it is not going too wrong-headed, with details such as metallic paint Blue Race, version-specific, or a front grill leaving the chrome finish on the edges for a matte black is more dynamic.

The side-view mirrors in black color, rear spoiler, sports suspension lowered or a spectacular alloy wheels of larger size put the remaining notes dynamic an exterior that will certainly gain in attractiveness and sportsmanship with respect to the rest of the range. And maybe even forget your headlights dual front, that will awaken not a few controversies and conflicting opinions.

Still no official confirmation, the Skoda Octavia RS will hit the market during 2017, keeping its engine 2.0 TSI accompanied by the DSG and the front-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive, to suit the driver. Their power is expected to be maintained in the same 230 CV of the current Skoda Octavia RS 230. Meanwhile, the dealers already accepted orders for the new Skoda Octavia at the end of this year, although the delivery of the first units is delayed until February 2017.