The Skoda Roomster 2016 finally you will not see the light


The Skoda Roomster will not have a successor

The Skoda Roomster is without successor, or at least until you say otherwise that will not be soon. Finally, the vehicle-cut is discontinued despite the fact that he had scheduled his presentation in a few months. The new generation was going to take a new change of direction in your design based on the Volkswagen Caddy, with the consequent cost savings, but greater convenience and a lower price, philosophy of the brand Skoda.

SUVS and Crossovers are of greater priority to Skoda

What’s funny is that the new generation was in a very advanced stage of development, so that what we have seen through our section of spy photos circulating on the road. The decision has been made “from above”, the cuts in investment in the VAG Group have made it that vehicles of less importance such as this stay out of the game. And is that let us not deceive ourselves, the Roomster was never a best-seller precisely.


he was Never a model of great success, but had prepared a new generation almost ready to be marketed

instead, the Skoda will focus on developing vehicles SUVS and Crossovers are models that currently come out more profitable to the manufacturers. As we have already mentioned above, the Czech manufacturer has prepared a major offensive of these bodies in the medium term formed by four models. These do not seem to be in danger of cancellation since they will be role models shared with other members of the German group between the found SEAT.

First, we will see a great SUV of a size larger than the Yeti with the ability to seven occupants all call Snowman, the new model whose presentation is scheduled for Paris next year. In 2018 will land a new generation of the Skoda Yeti-based on the current VW Tiguan. And these vehicles they will be joined by a compact crossover to rival the Nissan Juke and other SUV silhouette coupe the style of the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe.