The Škoda Roomster will not substitute

It is already official that the Škoda Roomster won’t have second generation. Volkswagen ensures that they want to put the focus on the SUV, but could be related to budget cuts because of the ‘Dieselgate’

Skoda-Roomster-1 although the second-generation Roomster was in an advanced stage of development, Škoda has just confirmed that the project has been cancelled, with the purpose of directing resources to projects that fit best within the current philosophy of the brand.

while it was an interesting product, that within a package of only 4.2 meters in length combined the qualities of a monovolúmen, a van and a compact car and that it offered an excellent habitability on the basis of a great modularity, VAG considers that the Škoda Roomster not be accommodated within the family of brand products of Czech origin.

Is that the margin for products that are out of what most of the market demands is becoming less and less and in a same bag fall from the sport up to a car like the Roomster.

Skoda-Roomster-2The public demand for SUVs and there is where points Škoda, which has already renewed the Yeti and prepares for the launch of a second SUV of greater dimensions, which take as the basis of the successful modular platform MQB of the group.

In a recent interview with Autovisie, a spokesman for Škoda, confirmed that the brand wants to strengthen its range of models within the segment of the SUV, focusing on the development of compact SUVS and affordable, aside from the minivans. However it would not be unreasonable to think that the Škoda Roomster has been cancelled as part of the budget cuts that Volkswagen made in the wake of the scandal related to the ‘Dieselgate’.

unlike the first generation, which ceased its marketing a few months ago, the new model would leave the platform of the Fabia to instead use the Caddy, as had been observed in the first mules of test that have been photographed, which is supposed to increase even more its capability and its versatility.