The Skoda Snowman, the first SUV of Skoda, will be presented at the Paris Salon

SEAT and Skoda will soon have a SUV, the first to really like it is in the range of the Czech brand which now has the Yeti as a maximum representative. This panorama will change in the coming year, since it is already official that the Skoda Snowman will be presented at the Paris Salon dthe next month of October.


This was the only mule evidence of the record

So what has been communicated to the responsible of Skoda to the australian market. Although the release date will be this, is not expected to arrive in the markets until the beginning of 2017. The Snowman will have two possible versions, one of five and another of seven passengers. The latter would take longer time to arrive, but just a few months of difference.

In fact, the Snowman has already been discovered during the development phase. I present in the past month of June. On that occasion we were able to verify that your style would a Skoda Yeti, although to be a mule testing does not mean that the design will be the same, because many details may change.

we Also know that it will be longer than this, about half a meter more. This would allow the integration of the two squares later as well as better versatility and roominess inside. To do so would borrow the chassis of the Skoda Octavia, that is to say the MQB platform of the Volkswagen Group.

with that structure you would add a range of engines and transmissions to normal group. That is to say: TDI engines Euro6, petrol engines TSI, manual changes five-and six-speeds and automatic transmissions DSG. Finally, although for the moment not confirmed, you can expect units with all-wheel drive, just like the Yeti.


The Snowman will be half a metre longer than the Yeti

To all this the SUV of SEAT is still not giving signs of life. For more than half a year that we don’t see circular. The latest spy photos dating back to the month of may. We all knew that Skoda would be the first to introduce the SUV, so that we’ll still have to wait a few months to see how the Spanish brand adapts that concept for itself.