The Skoda Superb celebrated its 15th birthday

prueba-skoda-superb-combi-tdi-150-dsg-1 Skoda Superb is one of the models featured in the range of the Czech brand. This model is currently available with the bodies sedan and family is of celebration. The Superb appeared in the year 2001 and therefore are just meet your 15 aniverario. When it was launched at the beginning of the century, he arrived with many new features and has been adapted to continue being a vehicle of reference.

Because you talk about the Skoda Superb is not doing so in a car either. Currently there have been over with 900,000 units by adding the three generations of the model. We are also witnessing an unprecedented growth, that the more than 100,000 units belong to the current generation, which leads in the market from march 2015. All of this, always carrying with pride the philosophy of the brand.

Skoda SuperbThe Skoda Superb is part of within the segment D and was born as an expanded version and economical the Passat. We had the opportunity to try recently the Skoda Superb Combi and we see first-hand its livability outstanding and its details ‘Simply Clever’. In addition, since its launch has evolved until the image is sharp presents today and including more technology and equipment.

The first time that the brand utizó this name was way back in 1934. The Skoda 640 Superb was a landmark in its time and came equipped with a six-cylinder engine and 2.5 liters, which developed 55 HP. Although this meeting 15 years, safe that holds a few more in the market, even recently heard rumors about a sport version RS. Only the future will show us the evolution of this model.

Source – Skoda

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