The Skoda Superb celebrates 15 years old and already nearly a million units manufactured

Skoda Superb - 15 aniversario

The Skoda Superb celebrates 15 years of success in a segment with a great rivalry.

15 years of success for one of the flagship models of the Czech brand. In the year 2001 Skoda decided to bring back to life the appellation Superb launching to the market its new saloon. And today, after three generations and nearly a million units produced, we can say that we are before one of the authentic best seller in its segment. Although to know the history of the Skoda Superb we have to go still further back in time.

In particular, we have to travel to the decade of years 30. The first representative model of Skoda called Superb was launched in the year 1934, when the brand launched to market the Skoda 640 Superb. A model that marked a reference in its segment by introducing numerous technologies and solutions related exclusively to the more exclusive vehicles from the market.

Mounted on the same platform used by the Skoda Popular (1934-1944), equates a 2.5-liter six-cylinder that casts a power of 55 HP. Was in production until the year 1949. Upon his departure, the brand stopped using the appellation Superb up until our days. More specifically, in the year 2001. Year in which Skoda launched the new Superb using the platform B5 that I used to use the Volkswagen Passat of battle extended from the year 1999. His relationship with the model from the Volkswagen Group has kept up to date.

Skoda Superb - 15 aniversario

The second generation of Skoda Superb was marketed between the years 2008-2015.

Already in the year 2008 and taking advantage of the Geneva motor show, the brand decided to present to the world the second generation of the Skoda Superb. A generation that, in addition to a design that is modernized, it released the body to family, the Skoda Superb Combi. A body that has been kept until these days.

third generation, presented at the Geneva motor show 2015, is the more expressive, emotional, and quality-created in the entire history of the saloon and Czech. In comparison with their predecessors, we find a large jump in both the (technology as a mechanic. Its exterior and interior, the launch of the new design language of Skoda, a language that has influenced the rest of the models that the brand has launched on the market to date, as the latest generation Skoda Fabia and the new Skoda Kodiaq.

During these 15 years of life, Skoda has built around 900,000 units of the Superb. Over 100,000 of these units correspond to the third generation. Which are now in dealers.

Skoda Superb - 15 aniversario

The first generation of the Skoda Superb (with the permission of the Superb 640) was the sale between the years 2001-2008.