The Skoda vRS would be in danger of extinction: numbers do not add up

Skoda Octavia vRSTo all of us who like cars, directly or indirectly, we like sports. In addition, brands know that in order to improve its image must have models performance that they position themselves better in the minds of consumers. These models are present among the firms premium and they are very important, but marks generalists have been taking positions with this type of vehicle.

The firm generalist that best interest you are getting with their range of sports cars is the German Opel. Your Options are well made and the public greatly appreciates its dynamic qualities as well as a sporty image. However not all firms are generalists get their sports models calendars among the respectable. Skoda, with his vRS, he has developed models that are very spicy, and capable of transmitting many and good feelings, but something is missing.

Skoda Octavia Combi vRSPersonally I have had the opportunity to try one of the last units of the Octavia vRS and every time I do, I get the laughter of a fool. However I also recognize that your excessive neutrality left me cold in some other situation. This reason is the one that would probably have led to those responsible for Skoda to think about the future of his range vRS.

As we have been able to find that in the Paris motor show, the managers of the firm Czech would be considering the viability of the branch sports vRS. The models, vRS are a good part of the budgets of the firm but the return on these investments is rather low. This situation is derived from sales irregular since in some countries the vRS sold relatively well and in others they are very scarce.

This scenario is not new, and could lead the brand to stop producing these models. However in its place could enhance the special versions, such as the Monte Carlo. They attract customers by the external design and good price doing that their profitability is higher. Be that as it may we hope that the vRS last a long time, in the range of Skoda.

Source – Coach

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