The SLK is the Mercedes SLC: ¡20 years descapotados in 20 pictures!

can have everything in this life? Can you have a coupe, and a convertible? More than 20 years ago Mercedes-Benz made that question, and the answer came in 1996, with the Mercedes SLK, the sport which, for things of the destination and marketing strategies, today we refer to as Mercedes SLC. Mercedes-Benz wanted to launch a sporty two-seat access, comfortable, elegant, and at a range of prices rather broad, much more than the range Mercedes SL. And thus was born the Mercedes SLK in 1996, a product that has been evolving until our own days, to become the Mercedes SLC, which does not cease to be a facelift of the Mercedes SLK R172 with a suitable name to the new nomenclature of the brand. And what has happened in these 20 years of history?

The Mercedes SLK is one of the best representatives of a new generation of roadsters with roofs rigid retractable.

The Mercedes SLK was born specifically in an era in which the convertibles lived, somehow, a new youth, with the arrival of a whole generation of roadsters roofing rigid retractable. This system found many adherents, for safety, or perhaps comfort, it chose the option that, oddly enough, today they are abandoning some manufacturers, thanks to the technical improvements that are being implemented in the linings of the hoods textile bet for a return to the canvas.

is Not the case of the Mercedes SLC, which is still true to its retractable hard top, which estrenase now 20 years in the first Mercedes SLK.

Mercedes SLK - SLCHard to forget the Mercedes-Benz SLK, 1996, and its famous finish yellow yellowstone.

Mercedes SLK - SLCMercedes-Benz had already flirted with the idea of a hardtop stowable with a first prototype presented in 1994, which already offered faithfully the traits that later would see in the Mercedes SLK.

Mercedes SLK - SLCIn less than two years, the Mercedes SLK was already at the dealers. And of course it had its ceiling vario-roof, with a hydraulic system that in 25 seconds it had completed the process of opening or closing.

Mercedes SLK - SLCInitially, the Mercedes SLK was sold with four-cylinder engines, atmospheric and supercharged by compressor, from 136 BHP of power. Later would come the versions of six-cylinder, including an AMG with 354 HP of power.

Mercedes SLK - SLCIn 2003 would Mercedes SLK 32 AMG, equipped with a six-cylinder engine in v and 354 HP of power.

Mercedes SLK - SLCIn 2004, Mercedes-Benz would welcome a new generation of Mercedes SLK (R171), the second.

Mercedes SLK - SLCThis new generation of Mercedes SLK would come accompanied by a aerodynamics more elaborate, and some new features focused on allowing your driving descapotado throughout the year.

Mercedes SLK - SLCAmong these developments, highlights the system AIRSCARF, designed so that the seats will not only be able to hold the body of the driver tempered through a system of heated seats, but also the projecting hot air from a diffuser installed under the headrest, to the height of the nape of the neck.

Mercedes SLK - SLCMercedes-Benz also designed a system of opening and closing the roof more sophisticated, that by rotating the bezel back allowed room for cargo in the trunk.

Mercedes SLK - SLCIn its second generation, the Mercedes SLK else would market with petrol engines of four, six and eight cylinders.

Mercedes SLK - SLCThis second generation would also involve the arrival of a new Mercedes SLK 55 AMG.

Mercedes SLK - SLCAnd the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, a new milestone, the launch a roadster with compact dimensions and a V8 engine, which for those reaching 360 HP of power.

Mercedes SLK - SLCStill, let us remember that the four-cylinder engines continued to have a privileged place in the Mercedes SLK. Let us remember that those were the years of the engines equipped with a compressor, such as this Mercedes SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR of 163 HP and system TWINPULSE, with intercooler and elevation variable valve.

Mercedes SLK - SLCIn 2008, Mercedes-Benz had already produced over 500,000 units of the Mercedes SLK, of which 190.000 are corresponded with the second generation. The Mercedes SLK first generation left being handed around 310.000 units.

Mercedes SLK - SLCIn those years, a third of the sales of the Mercedes SLK remained at home, and another third in the rest of Europe. The rest of the markets, the most important difference was the united States, the country that delivered one of every five Mercedes SLK produced.

Mercedes SLK - SLC third generation of the Mercedes SLK (R172), it also involved many innovations, aimed at strengthening their practicality for day-to-day, to improve their efficiency, and make sure to share more technology with the C-Class Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes SLK - SLCAmong other novelties, we find even with the introduction of a diesel.

Mercedes SLK - SLCAnd finally, already in 2016, the third generation of the Mercedes SLK came to be called the Mercedes SLC.

Mercedes SLK - SLCAnd, interestingly, in this its third generation and with the new name of Mercedes SLC, has returned again to its distribution range engines of four and six-cylinder, this last signed by Mercedes-AMG, biturbo, and with 367 BHP of power.