The slower the Nürburgring … Walter Röhrl and back with a Porsche

Walter Röhrl and a Porsche. And possibly a return to slower Nürburgring all time, with a time when higher return. Have we gone mad? No, because we must remember that Porsche also made at the time a small range of agricultural tractors. Called Porsche-Diesel Junior , can also be found in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and its price today has appreciated just as much as their most valuable classics. What happens when we put a classic tractor at the Nurburgring?

2,500 Porsche-Diesel units were manufactured Junior, 60 years ago.

One of the slower turns of history. At an event in camera – imagine to be driving on the Nordschleife and give face to face with such a stamp – Walter Röhrl could give rein to 14 hp engine single-cylinder diesel engine of 822 cubic centimeters – aircooled course – in the more than 20 kilometers of Green Hell. He did not have his usual helmet put: a broker is faster than this little tractor. The return has been described as the slowest of history, with more than one hours time .

Some chilling prestacionales data. takes 17.9 seconds not accelerate to 100 km / h … but to accelerate to 20 km / h . View as Carrousel to take curves as agricultural rhythm is very interesting, so atypical that is, compared to the gleaming turns hiperdeportivos we usually collect in motor. Anyway, it is a video that you should not miss, even if it is in perfect German. Give yourselves and give the play, there are strong emotions for once.

If you want thrills as a tractor, do not miss the “Volvo Terror”.

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