The smallest bike in the world fits in your hand and can fly

We are fascinated by extremes. And it be told to the people after the Guinness book of record, who live in these extremes. I have spoken of giant ships, giant engines and giant vehicles, but today will Thumbnail because we are going to talk about it motorbike world’s smallest petrol . A bike that you can ride, but which is smaller than a carton of milk. It is called Smalltoe , and fits in the palm of your hand.

I think back to get on this Minipimer motorized metal wheels hurts.

The bike was designed by the Swedish engineer Tom Wiberg, who built it in 2003 . To prove that his invention was functional, he demonstrated to the Guinness Book record that was a fully functional bike and drove for almost eleven meters, receiving the official certificate. Now, say it is not a very comfortable machine. Its name is inspired by the Big Toe, the highest motorcycle world. Also it created by Wiberg, using 5.3 V12 of the Jaguar E-Type. Being the opposite of the Big Toe decided to simply call Smalltoe.

smalltoe--2 Built from a machined aluminum block, the small Smalltoe weighs just 1.1 kilos. It is the size of a carton of milk and weighs the same. It is possible to hold it with your hands or throw play through the air with your friends. Their battle is only 80 mm – 8 cm from wheel to wheel – and its seat is located at only 65 mm from the ground. It is powered by a small gasoline engine only 0.3 CV . I understand that is a derivative of a car radio, even with a displacement of 10 cubic centimeters engine.

No tires, as it was impossible to get so small rubbers. The bike is started with some kind of tool, and you can ride it so not too comfortable. You need carry two metal supports in the shoes , which engage the sides of the bike. With great balance and patience this bike is capable of carrying the weight of a person to a top speed of 2 km / h . I think no need or helmet or trellises with this machine, a fall not come to make a scratch.

Alucinad with the video:

The direction is virtually nonexistent and never has been piloted over 11 meters away, but it certainly is a curious invention. I think the only thing you need to be perfect is one of the engines W32 of Patelo. If you want to see the opposite end, we leave Categories launch

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