The Smart Fortwo investigated by the NHTSA for potential fires

Smart Fortwo

The signature of small cars from Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) Smart has become very popular in the whole world thanks to the success of his micro-city for two Fortwo. This little vehicle is already on its third generation and has reached our in the minds of many consumers, so much so that it is also sold, and with relative success in the united States.

it is Precisely in such a market is where comes this call to us for review. According to the brand’s customers the small Fortwo when you are going to circulate tends to burn and be consumed in its flames in a very short time. Obviously this situation does not occur in all models of the micro-urban are circulating through the country, are only affected some units of the second generation, particularly those manufactured between the years 2008 to 2009.

Smart Fortwo

Some customers (specifically, six of the eight who have suffered this incident) have complained to the brand that when they went in your car this is on fire and have been advised of this fact by other drivers, as in the interior of the vehicle did not show signs of fire. The fires recorded have happened in different years, the first five were in the year 2014 and the other three have happened in October of the same year.

so soon mark German what that has done is to start an investigation with the NHTSA to see what it is that could be happening to these models. In a first time the brand has stated that they do not have a record of victims or injured by this event. However is going to call to fix to the models sold (some 43 thousand units) between those years to verify the state of the engine in order to find the reason for these spontaneous fires.

Source – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

smart fortwo

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