The smartphone-on-wheels Volkswagen is a reinterpretation of their classic Transporter / California

Martin Winterkorn claimed in September, during the Frankfurt show, in the great celebration of the automotive industry, and especially the German industry, which Volkswagen sought to transform their cars into the authentic smartphone on wheels. For those who love driving, it could be one of those statements that makes us tremble. But what Winterkorn – now ceased of his position as CEO Volkswagen – he wanted to show us then was the willingness of the brand to convert the car to in the greater gadget, the more technological, and more connected, that we find in the society of consumption. And the results of that strategy are not taking a long time to come. The Magi will arrive with a new prototype, a futuristic vision of the car, and at the same time reinterpretation of one of the classic most idolised of Volkswagen, their famous van Transporter / California.

The image illustrating this article serves as a preview of that smartphone on wheels that Volkswagen will present in a place that long ago it would have been atypical for the presentation of a car, the CES Las Vegas. And that is the Consumer Electronics Show, probably the technology fair of the year, it has also become the perfect setting for car manufacturers to demonstrate this renewed commitment by the technology.

The possibility that Volkswagen will offer a reinterpretation, technological, and sustainable, its famous Transporter and California, is up in the air. At least as a final product, our scope in its network of dealers. For the moment we only know that this prototype will advance many technologies of the future, that in years to come we will contemplating on the production models of the house. So we imagine that technologies, such as the drive connected, the user interfaces, the systems entreteniiento, and even the capacities of autonomous, will be present in this new prototype.

Source: Volkswagen
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