The sound of the future, in video: How a BMW i8 sounds

BMW is proud of its new i8, a brand new, futuristic sports car that weekend compared with around 911 (see test BMW i8 vs 911) it has been chosen as the best engine of the year 2015 (the Engine of the Year 2015 ). Although his aggressive pose, its spectacular design and appearance of super indicate otherwise, the BMW i8 not use a big engine and full of power. Instead, we have a three-cylinder of 1499 cm3 and 231 hp, which in combination with a hybrid system develops 362 hp. But how the engine sounds a really i8? We show you on video.

The acceleration BMW i8, not strong, but extremely fast, consistent and progressive, surprised us greatly. Also the sound of its engine, perhaps too artificial and synthetic, but very appropriate to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a sport as futuristic as this.

In our test – honestly – surprised us how to speed up the BMW i8 . We do not define as a strong steady progressive very quick acceleration, but and but. An acceleration that breaks the mold, especially when you realize that the i8 can match – and beating -. A high-flying sports with engine displacements larger and even more power than he

We were also surprised his sound with the high tone of a three-cylinder, and perhaps some serious fireworks. A synthetic sound that does not try too you look immersed in the atmosphere of a racing car, but in a sports come from the future. The exhibition, in the video below. What do you think?

Source: BMW
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