The sound of the Hennessey Mustang Shelby GT350 will leave you wanting more

captura-de-pantalla-completa-18102016-233037Hennessey has unveiled its new upgrade package for the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 and GT350R, two kits that make a car by itself is radical in a real beast. The preparation has been ordered to modify certain parts of the engine in addition to retouch the image of the model. That we may know him better not to have had a better idea than recording in video, speeding up and demonstrating their virtues. It is time to turn the speakers and give you a great pleasure.

The prepared Hennessey Performance Engineering has caught the huge block V8 5.2 liters cubicaje and has installed, in addition to other accessories, injectors, higher performance, a system of enhanced power and a new compressor. If, in a first stage, the model is able to provide no less than 733 horsepower and 515 Nm of torque, power that rises up to 800 HP in later stages.

captura-de-pantalla-completa-18102016-233423-bmpOne of the keys to this preparation is the sound. And that is despite the fact that after receiving this kit-building the V8 engine kw happens to be supercharged, the sound is brutal, being able to verify this fact with the video that we leave you below. The mechanics has been worked to be able to stretch up to 8.250 rpm, a regime not for the faint of heart.

So wait no more and click play on the video below. You can see this Hennessey Shelby Mustang GT350 to fund on asphalt and on a test bench. ¡Brutal!

Source – Hennessey