The Spanish motorcycle loses one of its last strongholds: Gas Gas closes its doors

Sad news that we received last week. Company Gas Gas – based in Girona – ha into liquidation . The company had sunk years in economic problems, but economic pressure has caused last week saw its administration is required to invoke final contest creditors. The main cause is could not afford a debt of 30 million euros . The trial bike manufacturer has failed to find an investor who wants to take the reins of the company.

Adam Raga is left without the official support of GasGas. The Spaniard has always been linked to GasGas.

A blow to the Spanish motorcycle industry, virtually extinct . A real shame. Our industry had in their ranks as mythical as brand Ossa, Bultaco, Montesa or Derbi, world-class manufacturers that manufactured motorcycles as capable. Ossa was merged with Gas Gas, is collateral damage . Bultaco is trying to relaunch itself as a manufacturer of electric scooters. Derbi has been bought by the Piaggio Group and its production moved to Italy. Montesa survives hand Honda niche as a manufacturer of dirt bikes.

And stop here many other brands have fallen by the wayside crushed by the strength of the Italian and Japanese brands. Gas Gas has always been a niche brand. Founded more than 30 years, always he devoted to the trial, expanding its business and raid enduro bikes, always focused on the competition. Perhaps at the time it had to diversify their offer to street bikes. Decisions have already been felt, with the company bankrupt and its workers subjected to 93 [1.99903 million] ERE no signs of being resolved. [1.99901 million]
Gas Gas was the world leader in motorcycle trial, with 9,000 units annually produced in Girona.

The disappearance of Gas Gas and its sudden bankruptcy have left “hanging” their riders , that half of the world championship are left without the support of the brand. The drama is especially serious for Adam Raga pilot Ulldecona – World Championships which were always associated with Gas Gas – has expressed regret and anger at the news. Since the administration told him that the company would go ahead, but finally has not been (EuropaPress). Will have to self-finance the rest of the season.

The template is now in a situation ERE paid leave while the Commercial Court of Girona proceed to the sale of assets and the Gas Gas production unit . With the sale of the company’s debt, mainly owed to banks will be paid. He could not get financial aid officers during his last months because of their weak financial situation. The Swiss talks with a potential investor failed and seems to be no way out and to the Girona company. A real shame.

Along with Gas Gas, Ossa also disappear, merged in a year and a half with Gas Gas to financial and productive level.

Gas Gas was a world leader in dirt bikes , and third in motorcycle endurance globally. Of its total production – about 9,000 motorcycles per year – 90% are exported to over 50 countries, including Brazil, USA, Germany or France. The company enjoyed an excellent reputation for the quality of its products. The market is orphaned of its leader, and the only consolation that remains is that at least Montesa will emerge stronger from this loss. Less is nothing, I guess. [1.99901 million]

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