The spare parts used and can only come from a scrap yard


last month it entered into force a legislation that regulates in more detail the functions of the centres authorized for the treatment of vehicles at the end of its useful life (CAT), or, simply, scrapyards. This is the Royal Decree 20/2017, of 20 of January, on the vehicles at the end of its useful life, which repeals the previous rule, a Royal Decree 1383/2002, of 20 December, on management of vehicles at the end of its useful life.

The main novelty is the following: the workshops can only use used parts that come from a scrap yard, that is to say, it will be illegal those that are provided by a particular or whose origin cannot be linked to a CAT. So it is forbidden the installation and sale of these spare parts when they come in vehicles discharged. Technically considered waste.

This regulation adopts changes mandated by the community rules, so there’s that to think directly in that it is a law as to the CAT (although would be easy). Spain, as a member of the European Union, must adapt its legislation to community rules of higher rank. Undoubtedly, companies that live off of the spare parts used will have a greater volume of business.


Will have legal responsibility for the placing on the market pieces of illegal origin, the same can be said for shops that accept these parts. That brings us to consequences more unpleasant, as in the case of an accident with a turnover of illegal origin, the insurance company could wash their hands and not have to indemnify for damages to your own or to a third party.

on the other hand, when you deliver a car to a scrap yard, already can’t get with a quartering prior. Until January 22, it was legal to deliver in a scrap yard the skeleton of a car, after having performed a cutting full. If now it happens that, the same CAT can denunciarnos, is more, he is obliged to do so.

The new standard has an advantage, no longer will have to pay for to get rid of a car. Is more, can be delivered to scrap dealers of manufacturers or importers, you may not charge for that service. They will be in charge of bringing the vehicles to the CAT for decontamination, cutting and recycling.


The new rule also applies to the tires, it also happens to be illegal for direct sale between private individuals, everything has to pass through a CAT, although it can be delivered to the workshops for recycling at no cost. Will these centers that either they get re-put into circulation for sale, or to be sent to a company that will manage the waste and recycle. Yes, it is reportable to sell those wheels that you no longer use.

What then will be the fate of those pieces that are in our power and not able to be sold? I can think of three possibilities:

  • save them as a keepsake
  • turn it in to a CAT
  • to ignore the law and put them in circulation, illegally, with the risk that that implies

needless to say, I do not intend an apologia for the commission of a crime. Right now those pieces have the legal consideration of waste, so that there can be marketed. Do and give to them? It is a good question that must be resolved by a lawyer.


The objective is the maximum respect for the environment

According to data from the Spanish Association for the Environmental Treatment of Vehicles Out of Use, the legislative changes since 2002 have been achieved, recycling 93.5% of the weight of the vehicle (data of 2014 of Eurostat), compared to 76% in 2002. For the year 2015, the community target was to reach 95% recovery of the weight of the vehicle.

With the last reform, which has been paralyzed for almost a year by having state Government functions, you want to reduce to a minimum the movement of automotive components that do not have a legal control. The new RD will not prevent moving parts second-hand, but is very difficult your circulation.

By the way, another change from the norm is that posibilta the rescue of a vehicle that has been given to them permanently, provided that it can be credited to its uniqueness, or historical value, and if you keep the number of frame original. This measure will take out of purgatory more of a classic or exotic, and will give you a new life if it falls into the right hands.