The special editions that BMW will launch before the Series 3 Facelift

BMW Serie 3 Facelift

BMW is renewing. The year is entertaining between the facelift of the Series 2, the possible facelift of the i3 and the cessation of production for the 6 Series. And that is if these changes are not enough, the next year we will have a restyling of the Series 3, but if not you can hold to buy this revamped version of the BMW sold more of all times, the bavarians are going to present three special editions.

Two of them have a sporty character, with blacked-out headlamps, black outlines that make to emphasize even more the grill and wheels 18 and 19 inches. The other remaining version stands out for a style that is more luxurious, using leather and wood.

BMW 3 Series 2017 Edition Sport Line Shadow

BMW Serie 3 2017 Edition Sport Line Shadow

The first of this trio corresponding to the leading edge of versions within the restyling of the BMW 3 Series is the so-called Edition Sport Line Shadow. The termination of the Shadow makes reference to the lighthouses and pilots smoked, in addition to the grill, which is contoured in black. It will be available with alloy wheels of 18 inches.

In the interior highlights include seats made in leather and finished in dark aluminum. The part of Sport we can find in the sports steering wheel and in the instrumentation.

BMW 3 Series Edition M Sport Shadow

BMW Serie 3 Edition M Sport Shadow

like a version of which I spoke above, and incorporates inserts of black color in the grille, the air intakes and in other parts of the body, in addition to on the inside. Mounts a 19-inch alloy wheels with tyres wider and of low profile that underscore the design’s even more sports in this version.

in case outside little, this Edition M Sport Shadow not only aesthetic changes, but also incorporates a sport-tuned suspension and an aerodynamic kit from the M line.

BMW 3 Series 2017 Edition Luxury Line Purity

BMW Serie 3 2017 Edition Luxury Line Purity

could Also be considered as the edition of the name endless. This latest version stands out for the luxury -as can be inferred by its name. finishes aluminum satin around the frame of the windows, the air intakes, exhaust outlets and numerous elements of the body, in addition to the tires, which are 17-inch, with approximately 19 as optional.

Moving to the inside we find a leather in the color Cognac and applique in wood, creating an atmosphere more luxurious. In addition the steering wheel has a sporty design.