The special relationship between Ricciardo and Verstappen


Daniel Ricciardo
went through a slump, psychological after the disappointments of the Great
Awards of Spain, and Monaco.
In the first of them, was the
main candidate for the win during much of the race,
but the strategy selected by the team ended up making it
descend to the fourth place, while his new partner got the first win of his career in the
Formula 1.

Subsequently, in
Monaco, returned to lead the Grand Prix for several laps,
but Lewis Hamilton decided to save yourself a stop and go
directly from extreme wet tyres to dry, without
pass through the intermediate. After such a move, and a pit-stop very slow
Red Bull, Ricciardo had to settle for the second step
of the podium.

Ricciardo admitted in statements reproduced by Autosport
, the hard moments of this year have served to motivate you.
“Definitely, I feel that each year in the sport, I learn more,
but I also search for more of him. It’s good for my ambition
. If I can
channel the frustrations when things are not going well, I don’t feel
that affecting me in the car. In any case, extracted more than me”

all that has Now past and the australian feels stronger
than ever, spurred on by the competitiveness it has with Max Verstappen. “With Max now is really interesting. Us
we’re pushing each other, and the computer sees it and are
excited for the lineup that we have.
We are supercompetitivos,
but that just pushes the team in the right direction, in a direction

“We have confidence in the car

The progress made in the chassis, along with the step forward
shown by Renault with the propeller, causes you to think everyone at Red
Bull that will fight for the title in 2017. Already this year
have shown able to achieve victories and the motivation of the
team is growing in strength. “In my opinion, we are
pushing in the direction of a single-seater winner in 2017 and I hope that
we can get to the next level. We can support on the chassis
and feel that it works. And that is good. You have confidence in
the drive, self-confidence, as we show in Monaco”

Currently, Red Bull is third in the World Championship of Constructors to 37 points from Ferrari, so they still do not rule out
to get the runner-up position at the end of the season.