The spectacular concepts Renault Sandero and Duster in the Hall of Sao Paulo


The Renault Duster Extreme is the radicalisation of the off-road model.

The range that we know in Europe as Dacia in other markets are simple models models catalog usual Renault. So it is not surprising that in the Hall of Sao Paulo, the French brand has presented not one, but two stunning concepts based on two of the models of the signature Romanian, although with the usual emblem of the diamond of the brand gala.

These two prototypes are not likely to become reality, neither in our market nor in any other, since versions as special as the proposals of Renault for this appointment of Brazil do not fit with the economic spirit of these models.

on the one hand we have a Dacia, or Renault, Duster at the that the brand has multiplied its character off road. Named Duster Extreme concept, mounted tires and wheels oversized that adopting a harder line with the aesthetic of the crossover, which also looks spiced up with a multitude of details adventurers, such as greater protections, a roof-rack most prominent and a winch built into the front bumper.


Multiple details such as larger wheels or snorkel.

The result is very eye-catching, with a decoration topped by numerous details finished in a red colour, as the central area of the tires or small items in the front and the roof.

The little Sandero also receives treatment sports, but this time trying to to pay homage to the team of Formula 1 Renault. The recipe seems to have been very simple, using the 2.0-liter engine and 150 hp, the Renault has clad completely in black, the Sandero, tires, moons, and optics included.

The only touch that has not been obscured are the accents in gold on the outside and yellow on the seats and the bottom of the rev counter.


The Sandero RS Grand Prix concept is the darker version, and sports.

in Addition to the own aesthetic, the Sandero RS Grand Prix concept does not seem to have of new items, as it does have the Duster Extreme concept, which does not detract from the attractiveness of the model, that sits very well to the treatment blackout.