The spectacular Hyundai RM16 N caught testing at the Ring


Completely camouflaged appeared in the Ring this prototype.

This year, Hyundai was in the Busan Auto Show in South Korea, a new iteration of its variant of the more radical of the Veloster, the Hyundai RM16 N, evolves the prototype presented in previous years, RM15 and RM14, also based on the Veloster coupe. This prototype, born officially as a test bed for the technology of the firm, it has been seen these days while shooting totally camouflaged at the Nürburgring.

According to the data provided in your submission, RM16 N has a petrol engine 2.0-litre four-cylinder supercharged, installed centrally, so that as the old Renault Clio V6, removed the rear bench to accommodate the new mechanics. In the case of RM16, their power is around the 300 horses and the compressor employed is of electrical, a technology that the hyundai brand will test in this prototype.

The huge differences with the Veloster series lead to tremendous changes at the structural level. The RM16 N has an aluminum chassis, while its body is made of carbon fiber. The total weight of the prototype presented was about both plain 1.260 kg.


Apparently it is identical to the concept presented this year.

The specimen seen in Nürburgring these days, despite the extensive camouflage vinyl presented, shows the same characteristics exterior views in the prototype presented a few months ago. No apparent differences in any of the panels of his inflated body.

The only items that seem to differ are the optical rear, that in the case of the prototype of the spy photos appear clogged, but there are bright elements color orange, not available in the drivers rear of the concept, although its forms and volume seems similar.

The purpose of this prototype is twofold. On the one hand anticipates in part the design of the new generation of the Veloster, and on the other is a bank of test rolling of new technologies, as the turbocharger electric, the manufacturing of elements in carbon fiber as the body, or the differential of limited slip, electronic, placed on both axes.


The optical rear display elements in orange, one of the few differences of the model.

The chances of seeing this model on the street are nil, even though part of the probably we can recognize in the new Veloster, which will arrive in 2017 or 2018.