The speed week of Bonneville 2016, a return of the most expected


After two years of stop on the salt flats of Utah to meet pilots daredevils and their machines special

For two years in a row, 2014 and 2015 were prohibited in the legendary races of Bonneville. speed week will return in this 2016 thanks to the fact that the environment has managed to recover, providing the perfect situation to resume their careers more quickly on the face of the earth.

And is that for decades the Bonneville has been attracted to the crazy for the speed, to those who wanted to overcome the limits of the preset. It is here where machine and a pilot trying to break records, the best site in the world to do so. All an effort that reaches such an endeavor is called “the fever of the salt”.

This year, and thanks to the efforts of various agencies, the salt of Bonneville will enjoy three tracks of speed. The short of it is three miles, ready for beginners that run for the first time. The second will be for the intermediate level, with five miles long, about eight kilometres away.

however, it will be the third of them, the eight-mile, almost 13 miles, which will be used to beat all the speed records that exist on the surface of the earth. In previous years there were tracks above the 2.5 miles, so the decision was made to rest for a period of time for an excellent recovery.


The current record speed was achieved in the salt flats of Bonneville

it is Not surprising that the speed week of Bonneville has become a place of pilgrimage for any fan of the biker. The current record is encrypted to 1,232,93 Km/h, the highest speed achieved by a car on the surface of the earth. After two years of waiting, will this be the year we see a new record?